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About Me

Capturing Truth and Beauty

Hello! My name is Maalikah and I'm a photographer and videographer here in the Denver-Boulder area!

I went to school for journalism and motion media and fell in love with photography as soon as I picked up a camera! I love capturing interesting, beautiful, truthful, and thoughtful photographs in time and I love telling unique stories through video!

I currently photograph real estate, portraits, travel, and storytelling!

I was born in South Africa and grew up in the MIA ;) I love food and I love to cook. I love to travel and explore. I love meeting new people and helping people. I love critical thinking and I love freedom. I'm a dreamer and am constantly growing with new ideas.

I've experience with different news media publications, lifestyle magazines, broadcast shows and documentaries, photography studios and working on sets! I want to help others grow through information and providing amazing content! Reach out to me for your photography needs and I'll see you soon!

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